Since 2011, I have regularly appeared in radio, television, and magazine interviews to provide expertise on data, privacy, surveillance, and technology issues. Please contact me here to request an interview, and please be sure to indicate "interview request" in the subject line.


expert panel participant (w/ Dr. Anthony Millar, Dr. Martin Pall, and Dr. Riina Bray) for Kingstonians for Safe Technology (K4ST) rally and City Hall Q&A, Saturday 21 September 2019

with Dr. Derek Silva, Global News Radio London, AM980, 6 September 2018 on Facebook security breach

Global News Radio London, AM980, 29 March 2018 on Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and Canadian privacy policy

Bell Radio Network, 1290 CJBK, October 2011 to January 2017, weekly expertise and occasional co-host on surveillance and privacy technology

CTV London, 22 october 2015, expert interview on the politics of fear and the ‘Ottawa shooting’

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